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Wildmint HEBBD

Wildmint HEBBD
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Wildmint HEBBD
Reference : HE-MENCHP
Wild mint essential oil 100% pure and natural.

Latin name: Mentha arvensis L.

Country of origin of the Champs Mint: China.

Body distilled:
- Sheets.

The biochemical constituents of the essential oil of mint fields (chemotype)
- Alpha pinene: 1.39%
- Pinene Beta: 1.65%
- Limonene: 6.01%
- Octanol 3: 1.00%
- Menthone: 19.47%
- Iso Menthone: 9.37%
- Menthol: 35.21%
- Neo Menthol: 6.00%
- Menthyl Acetate: 4.51%
- Piperitone: 1.16%
- Pulegone: 2.06%

His specialties:
- Analgesic.
- Anti-infectious.

Its properties:
- It reduces liver congestion.
- It drains the eliminations organs (liver, kidney, intestines) to detoxify the body.
- It is cholagogue and choleretic ie it activates the secretion and hunting bile salts.
- It stimulates the pancreas.
- The fight against vomiting.
- It is anti '' upset stomach ''.
- It helps to digest.
- It opens the appetite.
- It is anti-infective and antibacterial. General antiseptic, especially intestinal is a powerful bactericide.
- It decongest the nose.
- The fight against prostate congestion.
- This is a good urinary and intestinal anti-inflammatory.
- It is a powerful anti pain: its intense cooling effect makes it indispensable local application after a shock. It is analgesic and anesthetic (that is to say, it eliminates or reduces sensitivity to pain and those by various means, including vasoconstriction) and analgesic (which relieves pain).
- It soothes itching very effectively.
- The fight against fungi.
- It is soothing, refreshing or warming ... as required.
- It lowers fever.
- It repels mosquitoes.
- This is a good general stimulant, nervous and sexual. It is even a mild aphrodisiac.
- It participates in the ovarian regulation and helps to bring the rules.
- It prevents the flow of milk and reduces congestion breasts in women giving birth or wishing to stop breastfeeding.
- It is anti pain (pain rules, headache, migraine ...) anesthetic.
- It is anti fatigue.
- The fight against excessive sweating.

- Banned in babies, against state-pregnant and lactating women.

My opinion:
- The essential oil of mint is THE aromatic pain response as immediate backlash in trauma without wounds.
- It's a real emergency medicine, which must be in the family medicine chest first aid. Apply on the field, from the physical shock: the pain is stopped net. The blue straight to aggression will be very limited or nonexistent. The effect is very fast and durable, does not induce inflammation or back pain more intense.
- In high doses orally, it can prevent sleep. However, in small doses, with one drop on the tongue or on a sugar every hour, it enhances alertness while driving.

Packaged in dropper.

Methods of Use: Skin channels (must be diluted with 15% vegetable oil for an adult), oral, inhalation dry, wet inhalation and atmospheric diffusion.

Warning: Banned in babies, against state - pregnant and lactating women. Not suitable for children under 7 years of age and pregnant and lactating women. Please consult a professional before using an essential oil in case of serious or chronic illness , parallel processing , allergies, children in infancy , elderly or pregnant whatsoever.

Keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Disclaimer: The information on essential oils available on our website are available to you for informational purposes. They represent a synthesis of our readings of several books on aromatherapy. They do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.

- My bible of essential oils by Danièle Festy ;
- The large guide essential oils by Fabienne Millet ;
- The great leader of aromatherapy and natural beauty care by Aude Maillard.
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