White Thyme or Thyme thujanol EOBBD

White Thyme or Thyme thujanol EOBBD
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White Thyme or Thyme thujanol EOBBD
Reference : HE-THYBLA
Latin name: Thymus vulgaris thujanoliferum

Country of origin Thyme White or Thyme thujanol : Spain.

Distilled organ:
- Flowering tops.

Biochemical constituents of Thyme thujanol essential oil (chemotype) :
- Thymol : 47,78%
- Carvacrol : 3,26%
- Linalol : 4,77%
- Para-cymène : 16,91%
- Gamma-terpinène : 9,40%
- Myrcène : 1,43%

His specialties:
- Viral "difficult".
- All infections from earliest childhood to adulthood.
- Angina (2 days maximum to get rid of them!).
- Liver problems (all types).

Its properties:
- Major Antibacterial, it prevents bacterial growth and kills (bactericidal) where appropriate.
- Same for the virus: it is antiviral, that is to say, it prevents them from catching the virus, but if necessary, it is perfectly capable of destroying them (viricide). Think of it in case of herpes (oral or genital) warts and.
- Interesting against all bacterial and viral diseases. It is remarkable especially in all respiratory infections: nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis (great work), otitis, rhinitis, flu.
- It boosts immunity and protects particularly the respiratory, genitourinary (cystitis, vulvitis, vaginitis, salpingitis, urethritis, prostatitis) and digestive systems.
- It is useful in all cases of oral infections (stomatitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers).
- It is effective against fungal infections (skin, nail, gynecology).
- Stimulates physical and psychic, it is a good general tonic.
- It regenerates liver cells superbly. Therefore essential if cirrhosis or viral hepatitis.
- It stimulates the circulation of the liver, warms, invigorates the capillaries. Think about it when cold extremities, Raynaud's syndrome.
- It has antimycotic properties.
- Excellent neurotonic is a rebalancing nervous.
- It is anti-fatigue, antidéprime.
- It is useful in all vaginal problems, including vaginitis.
- It is anit-baby blues.

None at the doses indicated.

My advice:
- Oral and rectal routes are most appropriate.
- This essential oil should be included in the kit of any family informed user: it can serve as base salary in most cases. Consider that in cases of angina, 2 drops on a little sugar, 3 times daily, allowed to dissolve in the mouth are enough to cure you!
This thyme then, is that without which a marinade does not deserve its name. Thyme delights our dishes and we dips a bite in the heart of the magic of Provence.
- Some customers have become accustomed to distribute among them, the essential oil of thyme. They rarely get sick and attribute this in part to the healthy "good gesture" preventive.
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