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Pumice, as we all know, is also popular in the world of beauty and body care. Indeed, its exfoliating make it a popular product to pamper your skin and especially the skin of the feet. The skin is at this part of the body is often buffeted by walking and other activities involving the feet. Gradually, a layer of skin of varying thickness is formed on the side of the heel but also the front feet.

While being formed to protect the feet, this layer of skin may become painful and in some cases, it is possible that undergoes inflammation. Here are some tips that will allow your feet to take full advantage of the properties of pumice. The first thing you have to do is to soften the thick skin of your feet by soaking them for ten minutes in soapy water. Remove them then to be able to clean with pumice. Gently rub the dead skin with it. You should know that the more you use the pumice stone, the more it will become soft. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to use it on very sensitive areas of your body such as your toes. During the session, it is important to ensure always rub in the same direction and not stop once the skin become tender. Be careful, it will not, however, completely shredding the feet, it is necessary to leave a thin layer of horn that will protect your feet.
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