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Peppermint oil HEBBD

Peppermint oil HEBBD
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Peppermint oil HEBBD
Reference : HE-MENPOI
Peppermint essential oil 100% pure and natural.

Latin name: Mentha piperita

Country of Origin of Peppermint India.

The biochemical constituents of the essential oil of peppermint (chemotype):
- Alpha pinene: 2.14%
- Pinene Beta: 2.36%
- Myrcene: 1.14%
- Limonene: 6.75%
- Menthone: 19.89%
- Iso menthone: 7.49%
- Menthol: 36.94%
- Menthyl Acetate: 4.72%
- Pulegone: 1.16%
- Caryophyllene beta: 1.23%

Body distilled:
- Aerial parts

Its properties:
- It decongest the liver.
- It drains the eliminations organs (liver, kidney, intestines) to detoxify the body.
- It is cholagogue and choleretic ie it activates the secretion and hunting bile salts.
- It stimulates the pancreas.
- It fights against vomiting.
- It is anti 'stomach upset'.
- It helps to digest.
- It opens the appetite.
- It is anti-infective and antibacterial. General antiseptic, especially intestinal, it is a powerful bactericide.
- It decongest the nose.
- The fight against prostate congestion.
- This is a good urinary and intestinal anti-inflammatory.
- It is a powerful anti pain: its intense cooling effect makes it indispensable local application after a shock. It is analgesic and anesthetic (that is to say, it eliminates or reduces sensitivity to pain and those by various means, including vasoconstriction) and analgesic (which relieves pain).
- It soothes itching very effectively.
- The fight against fungi.
- It is soothing, refreshing or warming ... as required.
- It lowers fever.
- It repels mosquitoes.
- This is a good general stimulant, nervous and sexual. It is even a mild aphrodisiac.
- It participates in regulating ovarian and helps bring the rules.
- It prevents the flow of milk and reduces congestion breasts in women just given birth or wishing to stop breastfeeding.
- It is anti pain (pain rules, headache, migraine ...) anesthetic.
- It is anti fatigue.
- It fights against excessive sweating.

- Banned in babies, against state-pregnant and lactating women.

My opinion:
- The essential oil of peppermint is THE aromatic response to pain as an immediate backlash in trauma without wounds.
- It's a real emergency medicine, which must be in the family pharmacy first aid. Apply on the field, from the physical shock: the pain is stopped net. Consecutive blue aggression will be very limited or nonexistent. The effect is ultra-fast and durable, does not induce inflammation or back pain more intense.
- Taking high doses orally, it can prevent sleep. However, in small doses, at a rate of one drop on the tongue or on a sugar every hour, it enhances alertness while driving.

Packaged in dropper.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 7 years old and pregnant and lactating women. Please consult a professional before using an essential oil in case of serious or chronic illness, parallel treatment, allergies, infant-age, elderly or pregnant whatsoever.

The methods of use: Use the essential oil of peppermint: in dermal, dilute or pure oral, inhalation dry (beware of eyes), wet inhalation and atmospheric diffusion.

Keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Disclaimer: The information on essential oils available on our website are available to you for informational purposes. They represent a synthesis of our readings of several books on aromatherapy. They do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.

- My bible of essential oils by Danièle Festy ;
- The large guide essential oils by Fabienne Millet ;
- The great leader of aromatherapy and natural beauty care by Aude Maillard.
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