Organic lavender HEBBD

Organic lavender HEBBD
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Organic lavender HEBBD
Reference : HEB-LAV
Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia Lavender or true

Country of origin of the lavender: France (Provence).

Body distilled:
- Flowering tops

The biochemical constituents of the essential oil of lavender (chemotype):
- Eucalyptol 5.04%
- Cis Omimene: 0.89%
- Camphor: 6.79%
- Linalol: 33.37%
- Acetate linalyle: 29.00%
- Caryophyllene: 1.73%
- Terpinene 1-ol-4: 3.77%
- Acetate lavandulyl: 2.27%
- Borneol: 2.75%
- Trans farnesene: 1.26%

His specialties:
- Nervous origin disorders (insomnia, nervousness, headache, dizziness ...)
- Skin diseases (wounds, ulcers, burns, irritation ...)
- Muscle pain (cramps, contracture ...)
- Heart problems (palpitations, hypertension, arrhythmias ...)
- Poor circulation (edema, phlebitis, arteritis ...)

Its properties:
- It soothes the nerves and relaxes muscles.
- It is anti-inflammatory and fight against any spasms whatever their origins.
- It is a remarkable pain, a good local anesthetic. Dentistry can be associated with the essential oil of clove.
- Powerful Healing, it regenerates the skin dramatically.
- Sedative, it regulates the nervous system. It calms excitability.
- It is antidepressant.
- It is antiseptic and antibacterial. It disinfects in depth.
- This is a good pulmonary antiseptic that also modifies bronchial secretions to facilitate expectoration.
- It relaxes the muscles.
- It aids digestion by increasing the secretion of gastric (stomach) and intestinal motricitée (progression of food through the digestive tract).
- It stimulates the elimination of urine (diuretic) and sweat (diaphoretic).
- Good general tonic, it supports the heart and the '' quiet ''. It lowers blood pressure. She antimigraine.
- It destroys intestinal worms (vermifuge) and parasites.
- It kills insects. It is antivenin.
- She moth. Unable to ignore this traditional use. Pour four drops of lavender on a wooden block and place it in the garment cabinets. The machine will take a good smell of lavender and you will not moth !!!

- Any.

My opinion:
- If you only buy essential oil, it is this one. It is the flagship of the French aromatherapy, the universal panacea. '' Sitting Pretty ', it is indispensable in any familly pharmacy. In addition to its outstanding efficiency, it is well tolerated and does not cost expensive.
- In case of prolonged use, it can end up drying the skin. Better worth while dilute in vegetable oil. However, non-toxic, it is remarkably well tolerated even in infants and very young children. It can be used pure, without fear, on the skin (towards the most effective use) or by oral and of course in atmospheric diffusion path. It has a perfect safety.

Packaged in dropper.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. In case of serious or chronic illness, parallel treatment, allergies, infant-age, elderly or pregnant, please consult a professional before using an essential oil of any kind.

Modes: It can be used pure, without fear, on the skin (towards the most effective use) and of course in atmospheric diffusion. In case of prolonged dermal use, it can end up drying the skin. Better worth while dilute in vegetable oil.

Store the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Disclaimer: The information on essential oils available on our website are available to you for informational purposes. They represent a synthesis of our readings of several books on aromatherapy. They do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.

- My bible of essential oils by Danièle Festy;
- The large guide essential oils by Fabienne Millet;
- The great leader of aromatherapy and natural beauty care by Aude Maillard.
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