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Marjoram EOBBD

Marjoram EOBBD
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Marjoram EOBBD
Reference : HE-MARJ
Scientific name: Origanum majorana

Country of origin of the Marjoram : Egypt.

Distilled body:
- Flowering tops.

Biochemical constituents of Marjoram essential oil (chemotype) :
- 1,4-Cineole : 45,00%
- Linalool : 30,00%
- D,l-Limonene ((+/-)-1-Methyl-4-(1-methylvinyl)cyclohexene) : 6,00%
- Camphor : 2,00%
- 4-Terpineol : 1,00%

His specialties:
- All diseases of nervous origin "block" pain plexus, digestive disorders, dry mucous membranes and eyes, palpitations ...

Its properties:
- It relieves nervous disorders and their effects on the body. Here is a partial list of ailments which can cause nervous disorders (psychosomatic), with the related fields:
- Cardiovascular (hypertension, rapid heart rthme).
- Pulmonary (breathing difficulties, nervous asthma and even allergic asthma).
- Digestive (ulcer, stomach pain, colitis).
- Sexual (excessive excitement, obsession).
- Neuropsychiatric disorders (anxiety, stress, tightness, spasmophilia).
- Pain (rheumatic pain, neuralgia).
- It relieves symptoms spasmophilia.
- It promotes a natural sleep and healing.
- The fight against irritability.
- It is sedative.
- It is effective against mood disorders (premenopausal).
- Useful in cases of hyperthyroidism.
- The fight against respiratory infections.
- This is a general anti-infectives, a powerful antibacterial essential oil and antichampignon. It is effective against:
- The staphylcoque golden.
- The pneumococcus.
- E. Coli.

- No-indication against this essential oil, but used pure, it can possibly irritate sensitive skin. In this case, it is better to dilute it to 50% in vegetable oil.

My opinion:
- The oral, sublingual (under the tongue) and skin are most appropriate. The endonasal route (1 drop on a cotton wick which is kept up in the nostril) is recommended for certain indications (palpitations, hypertension, plexus block).

Supplied in dropper.
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