Loofah (pack of 3)

Loofah (pack of 3)
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Loofah (pack of 3)
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The virtues of loofah:
Since ancient times, the loofah is known for its exfoliating, gentle and effective. Dry the outside of the loofah is silky, but the interior is rough. The loofah is presented either as a form of sponge or washcloth. It is also very popular in beauty salons and spas. With fiber-like spikes on its surface, the rubber loofah the skin by eliminating dead cells, stimulating the tissues, promoting blood circulation and helps drive the fat dimples. Indeed, it has anti-cellulite properties. Ground for exfoliating flakes, fibers may be added in a base of facial scrub. Recovering loofah seeds, it is possible to extract an oil rich in essential fatty acids, ideal to moisturize, repair and nourish the skin.

The Loofah: user manual:
To make the fiber soft and smooth, wet the loofah. You can then massage starting with the feet up with circular motions towards the heart. Focus on specific areas such as legs, buttocks and stomach to prevent the appearance of cellulite or for hunting. You can also use it on arms, back and chest. For a real scrub at the Oriental, dilates the pores with hot water, apply soap will soften the skin and let sit a few minutes. You then massaging the body with a loofah glove to remove dead skin. You will finish by rinsing with warm or cold water to tighten pores of the skin and promote circulation.
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