Clary Sage EOBBD

Clary Sage EOBBD
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Clary Sage EOBBD
Reference : HE-SASC
Latin name: Salvia Sclarea

Country of Origin of clary sage : France.

Distilled body:
- Buds.

Biochemical constituents of Clary Sage essential oil (chemotype):
- Linalol : 24,34%
- Acetate Linalyle : 53,04%
- Caryophyllene Beta : 2,09%
- Terpineol Alpha : 3,82%
- Germacrene D : 2,21%
- Acetate Neryle : 1,17%
- Acetate Gernyle : 2,17%
- Geraniol : 1,85%

Its properties:
- It regulates and / or triggers the rules (in case of amenorrhea).
- The fight against the pain of rules.
- It's estrogen-like (acts as our estrogen).
- It's a good uterotonic (tonic of the uterus), it is valuable preparation for childbirth.
- It is useful against hot flashes.
- The fight against vaginal dryness.
- It is an aphrodisiac, sexual tonic.
- It helps to stored fat.
- It is anti cellulite.
- It is effective against excessive sweating.
- It is healing.

Contrary to what one can answer some, this essential oil does not pose a threat if we use the well clary sage, not the sage, very interesting but difficult to handle. The dosages suggested in this description obviously take into account the handling a little tricky for this species. Do not worry. However, avoid it if mastose and cancérose.

My opinion:
Oral administration is most appropriate.

Supplied in dropper.
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