Citronella oil HEBBD

Citronella oil HEBBD
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Citronella oil HEBBD
Reference : HE-CITREL
Latin name: Cymbopogon winterianus

Country of origin lemongrass: Indonesia.

Body distilled:
- Aerial parts.

The biochemical constituents of the essential oil of lemon:
- Limonene: 3.88%
- Citronellal: 35.00%
- Linalol: 1.08%
- Iso pulegol: 1.46%
- Citronellol: 12.00%
- Geraniol: 21.97%
- Acetate citronnellyle: 2.55%
- Acetate geranyl: 3.17%
- Eugenol: 1.07%
- Elemol: 2.60%

Its properties:
- This is an excellent mosquito repellent.
- As it is anti-inflammatory, it is the essential oil of '' post-mosquito ': 1 button = 1 drop of lemon grass!
- It cleans the area of ​​his room microbes (viruses, bacteria) and its pollution (tobacco smell).

My opinion:
This essential oil is an anti mosquito par excellence. It makes even more effective associated with the essential oil of lavender.

Supplied in dropper.

Modes: Citronella essential oil of Java can be used in atmospheric or passive diffusion on clothes, skin application (diluted for babies with vegetable oil), dry inhalation.

Keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Disclaimer: The information on essential oils available on our website are available to you for informational purposes. They represent a synthesis of our readings of several books on aromatherapy. They do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.

- My bible of essential oils by Danièle Festy ;
- The large guide essential oils by Fabienne Millet ;
- The great leader of aromatherapy and natural beauty care by Aude Maillard.
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