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Chamomile HEBBD essential oil

Chamomile HEBBD essential oil
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Chamomile HEBBD essential oil
Reference : HE-CAMROM
Latin name: Anthemis nobile or Chamaemelum

Country of origin of the essential oil of Roman Chamomile: England.

Body distilled:
- Flowers.

The biochemical constituents of the essential oil of Roman Chamomile (chemotype):
- D, L-Limonene (isomerunspecified) ((+/-) - 1-Methyl-4- (1-methylvinyl) cyclohexene): 5.00%

The specialties of the essential oil of Chamomile:
- Nervous disorders.
- Itching (all origins and all locations).
- Allergies (skin and respiratory system).
- The pain (migraines, teeth).
- Intestinal parasites.

Its properties:
- It is very effective to soothe the nervous system called "peripheral" (or standalone). It relaxes, calms spasms caused by organic annoyance. This is the essential oil physical and mental antispasmodic par excellence.
- It calms the central nervous system: it is a mild sedative, perfect for children, and invigorating at the same time.
- It fights irritability, insomnia, fever.
- Excellent pain, the essential oil of Roman chamomile is recommended in case of migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, disorders of dentition (in babies and young children), digestive problems.
- It is anti-inflammatory, that's a good reason to use it as a painkiller.
- It opens the appetite, helps digestion, facilitates the evacuation of bile and fight against intestinal gas.
- The essential oil of Roman chamomile is pre-anesthetic (preparing for anesthesia) and healing.
- Antispasmodic powerful, it is recommended against spasmodic pain Hepatobiliary particularly painful.
- Chamomile soothes itching.
- It is anti allergy.
- She's control, worming (against worms: pinworms, roundworms, giardia, hookworm) and antifungal (against fungi: Candida, Aspergillus).
- The impact of chamomile is extraordinary psychically. It is essential in cases of emotional hypersensitivity, spasms, neuralgia and to help support emotional shock.
- It's great to soothe skin irritations.
- It regulates the nervous system (baby blues after childbirth).
- It calms hysterics.
- The chamomile essential oil preparing for childbirth and help the day of delivery.
- It is anti nausea.

My opinion:
- Do not confuse with German chamomile (Matricaria) nor with the Moroccan Chamomile (mixed orménie).
- Chamomile is used for a long time as hydrolat (or floral water) to wash the eyes in case of irritation of the eyeball.
- It is a pure essential oil that can be used on the skin (but still dilute the mucous membranes), and use without fear internally. You is ideal for children.
- We do not use this essential oil for atmospheric diffusion (in addition to its price, it has a heady fragrance that becomes.).

Packaged in dropper.

Warning: As a precaution, it is recommended for people allergic to noble chamomile flowers or other plant of the Asteraceae family (presence of sesquiterpene lactones) to make a your skin before use. Better to avoid using it in children under 3 years. In case of serious or chronic illness, parallel treatment, allergies, infant-age, elderly or pregnant, please consult a professional before using an essential oil of any kind

Modes: Dermal (diluted with a vegetable oil), atmospheric circulation, in dry or wet inhalation. Exceptionally: the diluted oral (reserved for adults on medical advice), pure skin.

Keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Disclaimer: The information on essential oils available on our website are available to you for informational purposes. They represent a synthesis of our readings of several books on aromatherapy. They do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.

- My bible of essential oils by Danièle Festy ;
- The large guide essential oils by Fabienne Millet ;
- The great leader of aromatherapy and natural beauty care by Aude Maillard.
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