Cedarwood oil HEBBD

Cedarwood oil HEBBD
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Cedarwood oil HEBBD
Reference : HE-CEDVIR
Latin Name: Juniperus Virginia L.

Country of origin of Cedarwood oil Virginia : Virginia.

Distilled organ:
- Wood.

Biochemical components of Cedarwood oil Virginia (chemotype) :
- Thujopsene : 11,44%
- Alpha cedrene : 31,60%
- Cedrol : 22,07%

Excellent tonic lymphatic essential oil of Virginia cedar is very useful for your preparations massage oils in the fight against cellulite and heavy legs, but varicose veins and hemorrhoids. This essential oil is anti-inflammatory, and very effective against rheumatism, osteoarthritis and arthritis. In cosmetology, the essential oil of Virginia cedar is recommended to fight against dandruff, hair loss and hyper seborrhea of the scalp. It is also a very good mental calming, and finally, you can also use as a repellent against moths!

Precautions: Internal use only on prescription: Possible allergy and colic in large doses. No prolonged use. This form does not constitute in any way an implementation manual or a reference and can not replace the experience and expertise of a professional. In case of serious or chronic illness, parallel processing, allergies, infant, elderly or pregnant, please consult a professional before using essential oil whatsoever. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.

Packaged in a brown bottle with dropper .
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