Apricot Kernel vegetable oil

Apricot Kernel vegetable oil
Apricot Kernel vegetable oil
Reference : HV-NOAB
Process for obtaining: First cold pressed
Bodies pressed: Nucleus
Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca
Quality: 100% pure and natural
Storage Conditions: Vegetable oil stable. Store in a dry place, away from heat and light.

Active ingredients:
- Vitamin A: responsible for the color of the oil and the appearance of the skin look good, powerful antioxidant and photoprotective
- Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol): natural antioxidant
- Phytosterols (including beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol) improve the barrier function of skin and microcirculation, inhibit skin aging, anti-inflammatory drugs protect against the action of UV.
- Triacylglycerides: properties soothe and soften, helping to rebuild the lipid film of the skin.

Illuminating oil, it brings a real glow to your skin.
Regenerating and revitalizing, it fights against the effects of aging.
- Toning, it softens the driest skin.
- Emollient, it nourishes the skin and helps to make it softer.
- By strengthening the hydrolipidic film, it protects skin from dehydration.

- Dull, tired, asphyxiated
- Wilted skin, tired, crumpled (neck, face and hands)
- Without skin tone, devitalized

- Creams and foundations indeed "look good".
- Sera tonic for the radiance.
- Anti-Aging.
- After Sun Oil.
- Massage Oils.
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